Dr. Joe Harris -
Everybody's Sheriff

As your sheriff, I will...

· Provide better, more efficient service to ALL of Grant County by opening regional precincts, staffing them with clerks, and staying open during the lunch hour. Deputies working those areas will work out of that precinct office, not Ephrata or Moses Lake.

· Improve recruitment and retention by consulting with an expert recruiting firm to build a viable and sustainable program; be able to recognize we don’t know what we don’t know.

· Bring back accountability through policy reviews and instituting an Anti-Nepotism policy.

· A focus on community-oriented policing by being involved with and sponsoring community programs that build relationships with you.

· Strengthening relationships among law enforcement agencies by working together, sharing resources, and giving smaller agencies a seat at the table in INET cases. Reviving the Gang Intelligence component in INET. Reviving Posse, Search & Rescue, and Reserves to better assist our partner agencies.

· Stronger focus on Corrections Division through recruiting and retention. This means a fair wage and a non-adversarial approach to negotiations. This means the Chief of Corrections needs to be SEEN in the jail by the jail staff.

· Strengthening relationships between police and citizens by listening to you, holding at least two Townhall meetings a year, having an open-door policy, and personally responding back to your concerns. Continue the press releases and FB postings but be more transparent. Own my mistakes.

“Effective leadership is not defined by how long you’ve been there, but by what you’ve done.”
– Dr. Joe Harris​

Mattawa Chief of Police

  • Safest city in county from 2016-2021
  • Named “Safest City in Washington 2017” by SafeWise
  • Largest drug bust in city history
  • Community outreach – Mexican Consulate, Washington DOL, insurance fair
  • Slashed police turnover by 95%
  • Led community COVID meetings


Grant County Sheriff’s Deputy

  • Built county-wide gang unit recognized across the Pacific Northwest
  • Assisted with organization and execution of three-day county-wide fugitive operation that arrested over thirty wanted fugitives
  • Drove approximately 85% crime reduction in select areas while saving $10K in police overtime

Leadership in Public Administration

  • Represented City at numerous state, regional, and local advisory boards
  • Negotiated and implemented School Resource Officer program in small rural school district
  • Led major rewrite of city personnel manual

Civil Rights Investigator

  • First investigator for the state’s Civil Rights Unit under the state Attorney General’s office
  • Directed politically sensitive investigations in collaboration with other state agencies

Quincy Police Officer

  • Co-investigated a large-scale ID theft case with over 30 local victims and recovered several thousands of dollars in merchandise in Seattle

Dr. Joe Harris

Everybody's Sheriff

The oath of the Sheriff is to the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Washington. The Sheriff’s job is to secure your rights from all enemies foreign and domestic. It is to do what’s right for the right reasons, not to be afraid of possible civil litigation or the unconstitutional
mandates of career politicians. It is to apply those principles justly to ALL; liberal, conservative, or otherwise. It means having a Sheriff with a backbone.

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as Sheriff of Grant County. 

There are a variety of ways you can get involved – distribute and post yard signs, hand out flyers, make phone calls, host events. 

Not able to volunteer?

Volunteering isn’t the only way to get involved. Donating financially is a great way to contribute.

Endorsed by

Frank Detrolio (Grant County Sheriff – Retired)
David Wiyrick (Spokane County Undersheriff – Retired)
Rachal Pinkerton (Quincy)
Jaxon Holman (Moses Lake)
Kevin Richards (President – Western Pacific Engineering)
Ken Broda (Mattawa)
Don Entzel (Mayor, City of George)
Courtney Conklin (Quincy – Chief Deputy Ret.)
Juan Villapando (George City Councilmember)
Dan Couture (Quincy)
Lyliane Couture (Quincy)
Greg Meinzer (Police Chief – Ret.)
Alan Sleeper (Grant County Sheriff’s Office – Cpl. Ret.)
Dave Mather (leadership trainer and consultant / Pullman Deputy Chief Ret.)
John Turley (Mattawa Police Chief (ret) / Grant County Undersheriff Ret.)
Scott Hyndman (Mayor of Mattawa Ret.)
Scott Granger (Ephrata - Grant County Dep. Ret.)
Miguel Rubio (Quincy)
Eleuterio Prieto (Pastor – Mattawa)
Lars Leland (Port Director – Mattawa)
Leland and Sons (Mattawa)
Dan Delano (Ephrata)
Darlene Harris (George)
Miguel Guerrero (Ephrata)
Delia Guerrero (Ephrata)
Tim Harris (US Air Force ret. / George)
Carrie Harris (RN / School nurse)
Steve Rubio (Quincy)
John Couture (Quincy)
Linda Couture (Quincy)
Robert Bates (Quincy - Owner – Bates Counseling)
Larry Bonander (Desert Aire)
David Lopez Mora (Mattawa)
Josh Seanard (Desert Aire)
Julie Evans (Desert Aire)
Rick Kilponen (Desert Aire)
Hans Groenke (Desert Aire)
Randy Zolman (Quincy)
Mark Biallas (Moses Lake)
Thomas Clark (Quincy – Odessa Police Chief Ret.)
Alma Harris (George)
Ray Appling (Yakima)
Kathleen Harris (Ephrata)
Ted Harris (Ephrata)
Cassandra Lorenz (Moses Lake)
David Prutzman (Puyallup)
Jose Wren (Ephrata)
Maria Wren (Ephrata)
Michael Evans (Moses Lake)

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